To Nautical Guide

How to moor your boat, where to dock and which manoeuvres to use during your mooring in a harbour or other similar actions are the basis of a proper sea-rules based navigation.

This section of the website will let you know all boat manoeuvring techniques, by teaching you the best way to manage your boat in all weather conditions: from sailing techniques to how to enter a harbour, approach a mooring or a dock and finally sail.

In the second part, we will show you anchor mooring techniques: the most suitable anchor for your boat, how to recognise the best anchoring point and achieve the main sailors aim, that is to anchor in a remote quiet haven!

Nautical language and dictionary

A small note about nautical jargon and terms. We know that sailors use a specific jargon we should learn well: starboard,port, helmport, fluke are part of the dictionary. !

For all the terms which will sound new, you can consult our dictionary!