Arts and crafts


Arts And Crafts

Boating has developed some jobs which have increased and become, in some case, real arts. Nautical arts are ancient arts, artisan crafts which have managed to renew themselves over time.

From compass to gps devices, all boating has experienced an extraordinary technological evolution worth exploring. Crafts like upholsterer, welder , shipbuilder are constantly in contact with innovation thanks to a world, that one of navigation, always moving and in contact with future.

Boating gives work to thousands of people, even far from typical coastal zones, through specific forms of contract and collaboration The typical nautical working relationship involves a series of rules and specific aspects.

We can define the typical nautical working performance that one executed, for any purpose, on a ship and on behalf of it, both in terms of contract or spontaneously, both free of charge or for pecuniary interest, regardless the employer is a shipowner, an owner or a third part.

This section aims to list and describe ancient nautical crafts which are still actual, necessary and often preciously difficult to find. You will discover a series of tales and specific jobs like ships cook, skipper, linesman and many other characters who make the world of navigation unique in the world in all its facets.