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This section hosts the technical files of over 11,000 boats available on the market: sailing, motor, multihull boats. Boat technical files have always been one of the strongest points of yachtingmedia. Here you can find lots of information about boats By inserting the model of the boat you are looking for in the specific field, you will find lots of information about its engine, builder and so on ! You will find the most popular brands of the market but even the less popular ones. A long list which deserves to be browsed with extreme attention. This section has been conceived to interact with all the other users; in addition to our staff, you, too, can add some new boats with all their details and descriptions or update the already available data. A real boat encyclopaedia always reachable by anyone and at any moments from pc or mobile! In Particular, boat files include the technical features of each boat, all this informative patrimony can be enriched with the evaluations and comments of all users who have tested them or own them. This section is a very useful information tool, each boat file provides buyerswith some very important details: construction materials, interiors, engine Not only a list of information but also a technical compendium for all those who want to modify their boat or buy a new one is the reference boating portal in the world The portal,rich of contents always updated, offers very detailed information about ports, anchorages, boats, and second-hand boats for sale.

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