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Do you need to sell your boat? Youre in the right place! yachtingmedia.com is, in fact, the largest on-line portal about recreational boating and, in this section, you can enter your ad to sell your boat. Adding a new sale message is easy and user-friendly as well as finding the boat youre interested to; however, let us give you some general but essential advice in order to make your ad more attractive.

Customize your message

First of all, try to customize your ad including the history of your boat and the reason why you want to sell her in order to build greater thrust into the reader.

Define the conditions of your boat

You can define her as "half-new" if she is so or "second-hand" specifying her conditions. Indicate the state of engines, the year of registration, the number of owners she has had and, above all, specify whether the boat has been owed by a single owner: try to increase the interest of your reader.

Try to be persuasive

Your message must let the others know how your boat is good since, before convincing someone, you need to be sure that your product is ok.

Use a proper and simple language

Its important to avoid any spelling mistakes, so please read back well before publishing your message. Language must be clear, simple and understandable to anyone.

Draw your readers attention by the title or the first lines of your ad

The title is the most important part of your ad since it is expected to summarize the entire message you want to communicate in a single line. Thus, its important to create something really interesting, original and able to draw attention. So, focus on the truly original details and real qualities of your boat: the portal will show this brief summary when the reader will simple hover over the photo of your boat.

General details

Its important to add a clear general file of your boat complete of the following specifications: yard, model, length, beam, draught, engines, number of cabins, year of construction, price.

Insert the details

In the file of your boat, insert all her details, standard and additional equipment. Details are very useful to those who are really interested into your ad and will go beyond the first lines.

Be positive!

Tell the potential buyer the best features of your boat without giving - unless you have to - information which might adversely affect the reader.


Indicate the price, always. Unless youd like to negotiate, we advise to add the caption "negotiable price" which will motivate the potential buyer to contact you.