Porto Cappuccini 

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Porto Cappuccini is a marina located on the southern shores of Lake Garda, run by Arduin Group.

It offers few mooring places (it can host about ten boats simultaneously) for motorboats with a maximum length of 8 metres. Draught is quite low, especially near the quay.

The marina has an east-oriented entrance and it is sheltered by a small artificial cliff.

The marina is easy to find thanks to the presence of Forte Cappuccini, a fortress located just behind the mooring area.

The quay offers rings and buoys.

In the harbour there's also a crane which can lift up to 5 tons.

The yachting club offers a separate waste collection system.

About 300 metres from Porto Cappucini, you can find two gas stations.

The yard offers a garaging area, repair and maintenance services for all boats.

The winter garaging area can host up to 150 boats inside and 50 outdoor.

Arduin Group deals with selling of new and second-hand boats, engines and boat accessories.

In the surroundings of the marina, you can find coffee bars, restaurants, camping areas and pay parking lots.

Porto Cappuccini is part of the municipality of Peschiera del Garda, in in the province of Verona, not far from the city centre.

Its central position between the Po Valley and the Alps has always made it a strategic point. The first settlements here come back to the Bronze Age, as evidenced by many stilt houses, metal and ceramic remains which have been found here and included in the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites in 2011.

The city preserves many Roman archaeological remains, fortresses dating nack to the XVI century and the XVI-century-shrine of the Virgin of Frassino.

An important attraction is Lake Frassino, a small lake of glacial origin which is part of a protected natural area.

The area around Peschiera hosts some beautiful beaches, with clear waters and breath-taking landscapes.

One of them is Cappuccini Beach, a free beach made up of gravel and grass where you can rent paddle boats, beach umbrellas, sunbeds and enjoy a nice playground.

The beach of Lungolago Mazzini is an equipped sand-gravel beach, not far from the city centre.

Since 2011, Braccobaldo Bau Beach has been welcoming all customers who desire to enjoy the beach with their dogs.