Darsena San Giorgio  

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Located on the central Adriatic coast and perfectly situated for travelling to Croatia, the Porto San Giorgio Marina is designed to offer boating enthusiasts the pleasure of cutting-edge berthing and provides a unique boating experience in complete comfort and safety.

The port layout and the orientation of the entrance (North/North-West) allow the safe entry and exit of boats even in adverse weather conditions. In particular, the layout of the port entrance is designed on mathematical models to substantially reduce wave motion and make transit more comfortable. The distance between the piers allows easy manoeuvring on approach.

The cleanliness of the water in the inner basin of the Marina is ensured by three independent water exchange stations. A complete water exchange takes 18 hours.
The Marina has been a European Community Blue Flag holder since 1987 for the quality of its services and facilities and for the bathing 
quality of the surrounding waters.