Puerto Deportivo Marina De Cala D'or 

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The Puerto Deportivo Marina de Cala d'Or is located on the southern coast of the island of Majorca.

It has a total area of 30000 sqm and offers a good number of services to its guest boaters. It is a narrow, elongated harbor and is located within Cala Llonga.

The landing has 563 mooring places for boats with a length not exceeding 25 meters, and a draft, which does not go beyond 3 meters. On the dock, boaters can find power supply charging taps and sources for drinking water.

The access to the harbor is allowed all year, 24 hours a day. The mooring provides a weather service, a Wi-Fi network, toilets and showers, a continuous-the-clock security service and a laundry service. The port area also hosts a refueling station, open every day, all year round, from 10am to 8pm (with an hour of break between 14 and 15). In winter - between November and April - the service is self-service.

The port also offers an area for boat maintenance and repairs, with two travelifts that can lift 45 and 65 tons respectively, mechanical repair and maintenance workshops (anti-osmosis and antifouling treatments) respectively. It is not possible to drop the anchor at any point in the port area.

Near Puerto Deportivo Marina de Cala d'Or, you can find some hotels, restaurants and fast food. The area is well served by the line of local road transport. Nearby, there is also a center of first aid.

Exiting the port area and climbing the coast to the northwest, you meet Cala d'or, a small turquoise water creek surrounded by pine forests.

At the end of the cave, there is a small fine and clear sandy beach, surrounded by pine trees, a few white buildings and stone terraces. In summer, you can rent beach equipment here (parasols, deck chairs). If you keep in the central part of the bay, it is possible to stand at anchor on a sandy bottom with rocks and seaweed, with a depth that ranges from two to three meters. It is a bay well protected from the winds, thanks to the presence of the Punta Citarea promontory, but it is better to avoid anchoring in this bay in the presence of intense streams coming from the east.

The beach can be reached by public transport, while the adjacent streets offer the possibility to park your car. The customers who arrive on this beach can make use of toilets, showers and the presence of a restaurant.

The port of Marina Cala d'or is part of the department of Santanyi, whose center is located about 15 kilometers away.

The adjoining natural area of Mondragò has been declared Natural Park by the authorities of the Balearic Islands in the '90s.

It is a site of particular fauna, ornithological interest (it collects more than 70 species of different birds) and prehistoric, here you can find some gravel formations dating to the Mycenaean period. The natural beauty of the place makes it an excellent point for trekking lovers.

Not far from Puerto Deportivo Marina de Cala d'Or is also located Cala Varques, with a fine and white sandy beach surrounded by shallow rocky walls. Among the attractions of the bay there is a natural rocky arch, a beautiful cave and the thick pine forests. Hardly accessible from the mainland, this cave is a good place to lay foundations on sandy seabed at a depth of between four and six meters.

 The bay is famous for its caves and underwater tunnels, which attract divers and caving enthusiasts, but which are also accessible to swimmers.