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The Port Deportivo Cala'n Bosch is one of the ports on the island of Menorca, located in the Ciutadella area of Menorca, along the southeastern coast of the island. The access to the harbor takes place near the Cape of Artuix, which - with its lighthouse - is considered the "gate" of the southern coast of Menorca.

Within the port there is a mooring area with 276 berths, for vessels of 4 to 18 meters in length. To entry the port, it is necessary to take a small canal and pass underneath a bridge, which in its central part reaches a maximum height of 6.80 meters (which poses a limit to the height of the boats in transit). The maximum draft - for this access zone and other port areas - is 1.50 meters.

Cala 'n Bosch is a small harbor, also called "Lake", for its collection shape and its origin. The landing customers can find here columns for the supply of electricity and sources of supply of drinking water to each berth, toilets and showers, areas for differentiated waste collection containers for the collection of used oil, a network Internet Wi-Fi, telephone and fax. The harbor also has a nautical yard for boat repairs and any revisions to hull and engines, a hull cleaning service, a loading and unloading area and a refueling station (open during the months of July and August from 8 am to 9 pm, Monday to Sunday).

The port area also includes a sailing shop, some bars and restaurants, hotels and automobile rental agencies. Nearby you can find other hotel facilities, restaurants and various business activities. From the port of Cala'n Bosch, you can also go for a guided boat tour along the coasts of Menorca. The scuba diving people can rent here the necessary equipment and participate in guided hikes.

Next to Puerto Deportivo Cala'n Bosch (100 meters away) there is Cala'n Bosch beach in a U-shaped creek.

It is an urban beach of clear and fine sand, surrounded by high cliffs and rocks. It is one of the busiest beaches in the southern part of Menorca, both for tourists as well as for locals. In case of favorable weather, the waters and the seabed in front of the beach it is a suitable place to anchor and diving.

On the beach, you can find a first aid station, toilets and showers, and you can rent beach umbrellas and chairs. About eight kilometers from the port of Cala'n Bosch lies the beach of Cala en Turqueta. It is a crystal-clear beach with white and fine sand, situated in a small cove and surrounded by vegetation. The presence of long stretches of rocks divides the beach into two parts.

The seabed near the beach is suitable for foundations, but only for boats that do not have a draft exceeding two meters. The whole coastline of Menorca is still dotted with coves, small beaches and caves worth visiting and attracting divers and snorkeling enthusiasts.

The center of Ciutadella is approximately 9 km from Puerto Deportivo Cala'n Bosch and can be reached by public transport or by bike path. Ciutadella is considered the nerve center of the island of Minorca.

The numerous testimonies of the people who have conquered it, the small natural harbor, its narrow lanes and its cathedral make it an interesting tourist destination.

There are also many restaurants and bars where you can spend the evening.