Andratx Port 

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The  Andratx Port  is situated at the end of the west coast of Majorca, in the Andratx department.

It is a natural harbor, which includes a communal dock in the interior of the area and a dock operated by the Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx, located on the left side of the creek.

The nautical club has 475 berths, for boats with a length between 6 and 36 meters and a maximum draft of 4 meters.

On the other side, the municipal berthing area has 222 reserved berths for boats of length not exceeding 15 meters and with a draft not exceeding 3 meters. This public landing port offers the essential services to its boaters, such as water supply and electric power on a dock, a fuel station and toilets.

The access at the Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx is continuous and the landing allowed all year. It offers a boat maintenance area as well as a crane that can lift up to 3 tons of boats plus a travelling crane of up to 100 tons. The fueling station of the Club is open all year round (from 8.00 to 20.00 in the summer months, from 8.00 to 18.00 for the rest of the year). By contacting the club one day in advance, it is possible to arrange for the supply of fuel for boats larger than two tons directly to the berth.

The club services include the provision of drinking water and power supply, an area for waste material recycling, the weather service and bilge pumps for the collection of gray water as well as a laundry room, toilets and showers.

Under request the club supplies an external technical team that can be used for repair services on boats and engines. The club area also includes a swimming pool and two restaurants.

In the port area, there are several restaurants and bars, and in the immediate vicinity, you can find hotels, banks and supermarkets.

The nautical center organizes sailing and boating courses and a summer camps for children's approach to the sea. In addition, the club organizes general events, competitions and events related to the nautical world.

Within the bay of Andrax Harbor, just before arriving at the Club de Vela, there is Cala Fonoll, with its small pebble beach and clear sand. It is flanked by a hotel. It is easily accessible (even by public transport), but the long staircase of access does not make it accessible to all.

The seabed is covered by gravel and pebbles allowing anchoring in the bay, as long as the westerly winds are not too strong.

Exiting from the Puerto de Andratx area and climbing the coast, you almost immediately meet Cala d'Egos, with its small shingle beach, which is surrounded by  rocky cliffs covered with pine trees and other Mediterranean vegetation.

The bay is exposed to the winds from the southwest and the resilience of its waters make it a perfect destination for boaters looking for a place to anchor.

The access to the beach by land is not simple. You can not reach by car to Cala d'Egos, you have to leave it in the parking area of Club de Vela Puerto de Andratx then to venture down in a path for about four kilometers. The difficult access makes this beach a little popular place, even in the summer season.

The urban settlement in the city of Andratx dates back to the time of the ancient Romans, which in the 2nd century BC founded here a city called Andrachium. Today Andratx is a tourist resort with a small center to take a stroll and some interesting churches to see.

The Andratx Castle is a pleasant place to visit, while from Puerto de Andratx it is possible to sail to the island of Sa Dragonera, home to a natural park of great fauna interest