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The port of Porto Cristo is located on the east coast of the island of Majorca, the most important from the historical point of view, since it was colonized since old time by the Roman Empire. In recent years, many archaeological finds have been found in this area: near the harbor, ascending about 2 km to the creek, you can see the remains of a Roman pier and a boat. In 1934 they discovered further the remains of a boat, filled with amphorae, in which a plate of lead was also found.

The first news about the anglers on the bay dates back to 1247. It is also proved that, based on the location and structures of the buildings erected next to the costs for defense or supervision, and also according to oral tradition, the pirate attacks were constant, and it did not end until the nineteenth century.

This fact, coupled with the arrival of fishing families from other villages of Mallorca, as Felantix, Capdepera and Valldemossa, gave a strong boost to the fishing and trade tradition, despite the inadequacy of the port facilities. The small boats used the beach of the bay as a landing area, while the merchants remained at anchor in front of the "Cueva des Correu" whereas a floating platform allows the loading and unloading of the merchandise.

For this reason, the construction of a pier and a shipyard was claimed urgently. Therefore since 1932 the port of Porto Cristo has started, and constantly has been seeking improvement,  through the construction of new port facilities and the use of advanced machinery and the provision of specific services and high-level. All this guarantees to the tourist and customer, the best reception and the best service possible.

The marina infrastructure is managed partly directly by the government of the Balearic Islands and the rest by the Nautical Club of Porto Cristo. The structure of this port is mainly composed of two landing piers, located at both edges of the set, along with a dam used to protect the area and to a containment Dam. The part managed by the government has 259 berths, of which 33 are intended for transit boats, further other 213 moorings are managed by the Porto Cristo Nautical Club.

The most important initiative of the Porto Cristo Club Nautical has always been the diffusion of nautical culture and its practice. For this reason, the organization proposes numerous beginner training and refresher training to reach the maximum experience, through courses and activities that take place throughout the year. They organize racing, sailing and swimming courses, it is considered one of the peculiarities of the club, the focus on the world of fishing, organizing nearly every month fishing trips and numerous competitions. The Club also has an excellent sailing school for future sailors.

In addition to the classic port services, the Club Nautico Porto Cristo offers the opportunity to relax in a large and beautiful swimming pool, combining practicality with comfort and satisfying even the most demanding customers. There are many shops in its vicinity: bars, restaurants, shops of nautical goods, supermarkets. In addition, the Club has a free Wi-Fi connection.