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The port of Mahon, the main city center of the island of Menorca is the second largest port in Europe, a natural harbor with a length of 6 km from the entrance to his inner dock. The area is sheltered from northerly winds, particularly from the North Wind, the strongest in the western Mediterranean, which is why from time immemorial, even from the age of the Romans, this bay was used as a shelter for boats of all sizes.

The port of Mahón, thanks to its extraordinary extension, has very quiet waters. If this element adds to the fact that the Mediterranean Sea does not tide, the visitor will seem to contemplate a majestic lake rather than a seaport. Moreover, being a natural creek, the landscape at its edge is a stunning beauty, especially the Mahon town perched over the south coast with its truly distinctive white houses.

The island of Menorca is located halfway between Europe and North Africa, a strategic position that always puts it at the center of the main routes of the Mediterranean sea, not only commercial but also tourist trade. The port of Mahon is structured on all the different areas of the small gulf, with jetties used the reception of boaters, but also cruise ships and freighters, which can take advantage of a well-equipped shipyard for each repair.

The port of Mahón with the years has always tried to improve, up dating its facilities and the services they provide to tourists. It has recently joined the Nautical Stations consortium of Menorca, integrated with the other two main Minorcan ports of Ciutadella and Fornells, with the purpose of offering to mariners everything they need, both: in terms of the amenities that characterize a pleasure visit, and in  regards of emergencies and repairs in the event of damage.

The Marina of Menorca is a large complex that is not located at one point in the port of Mahón, but has several landings throughout the Gulf. The main office is as shown on the site, Colarsega moorings, situated in the inside of the bay area. A further point of anchorage is located in Cala Llonga, on the Passeig des Mariners. The marina has many other floating docks for any occasion.

Among the numerous services offered, maintenance is the excellence of this port. The yard offers yachtsmen a 10-ton crane and a 35-tonne travel Lift for ground handling of any boat.

However, the most special service is reserved for engines: an official technical service brands of internal and outboard engines Volvo Penta, Yanmar, Suzuki, Honda and many others among the best known.

Among the most common services, instead you can take advantage of a proofreading service or installation of direction finders, and the more traditional services of carpentry and hull painting and also the interior of the boat.

In addition, there is an administrative boat management service, with the possibility for boat owners to make on site, changes of property, matriculation updating and ITV revisions, and even insurance.