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Formentera is one of the four main islands of the Balearic archipelago, and is also part of the Pitiuse Islands group.

The island was colonized by the Romans, who used it as barn and wheat storage due to the great fertility of its soil. Its vegetation is predominantly Mediterranean, and this small island has the peculiarity of being almost entirely flat: a single noteworthy relief can be found, the Mola plateau, which reaches 192 meters, almost a hill.

The island is divided into six major centers: La Savina is the home of the only port of Formentera, from where ferries and hydrofoils that connect it with the nearby Ibiza. arrive and depart. It is just 11 nautical miles away from Formentera. The marina is divided into a commercial port and a large tourist port, around which you can find hotels, residences, restaurants, bars and shops, as well as numerous car rental agencies to visit the island to the full.

The Savina, before the port was built, was just a small islet, that was joined to the rest of Formentera thanks to the construction works.

Just beside the harbor there is a large and crowded lagoon called by the locals, "l'Estany des Peix", a perfect place for anchoring small boats or boats with a minimum draft: in fact, the mouth of the lagoon  is 20 meters wide and one meter deep only. It is a fairly sheltered place from the southern winds, but not enough protected in case of severe disturbances.

Formentera is one of the main tourist destinations of the Mediterranean Sea, in the summer season attracts an industrial quantity of tourists thanks to its crystal clear waters and its white sandy beaches, further it is located in a  strategic proximity to Ibiza, which allows them to be visited both in one stay. In addition, a more familiar character of tourism frequents Formentera, since this area is less tied to the chaotic world of nightclubs, typical of Ibiza.

The main attractions of the island centers are Es Pujols, the island's tourist hub, and Sant Ferran de ses Roques, a residential area but also a hippy destination known as early as the sixties.

A small curiosity on Formentera: the island remains one of the favorite destinations of naturists around the Mediterranean sea. Many beaches on the island are frequented by this type of bathers, thanks to the permissive legislation in Spain, which allows naturism in many areas of the country.

Formentera Mar S.A. is a trading company that was founded on September 21, 1992, which has the task of managing and selling 90 moorings in the Formentera sports harbor. In addition, the company manages a total of 8 accommodation complexes located in the Saline Natural Park of the island.

The port of Formentera and his staff provide outstanding service to their guests: attention to the customer is their main concern, always, from the moment of the arrival at destination, until he leaves the marina. The harbor is located near a commercial area, which supplies every type of service, from bars to restaurants, to supermarkets, to local shops.

In addition, Formentera Mar offers a wide range of exclusive services to tourists: it organizes excursions or other tourist activities to private  or small groups of people, allowing yachtsmen to enjoy their holiday without much effort. The possibility of renting boats, rubber boats especially, is an excellent option in order to reach the most secluded coves of the island, where the depths are too low for a normal vessel.

The Port Authorities offers an up-to-date weather information service, and in the harbor, there are showers and toilets for the use of the customers.