Port Olimpic Calanova  

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The Port Olimpic Calanova is part of the Palma de Mallorca municipal area and is located about seven kilometers southwest of the city center and city port (about a quarter of an hour's drive by car, following Avinguda de Gabriel Roca ). It is  located in the same name cove.

The harbor was built towards the end of the 1970s, it is affected by generally weak winds and can accommodate up to 221 boats (with some places reserved for passing boaters), ranging from 4 to 15 meters long and have a draft of between 90 centimeters and five meters. Each mooring station is equipped with a pedestal with power outlet and access to drinking water.

Within the port, area there is also a refueling point and a 24-hour watch service. The harbor also offers a complete yard, where customers can perform mechanical, structural and electrical repairs on their boat, clean up the hull or subject it to protective and marine painting treatments.

The shipyard has a ramp, a travel lift that can lift up to 30 tons and a crane that can lift up to 5 tons.

The Harbor Master's Office is open 24  hours on 24  all the year and provides weather forecasts. Club guests can take advantage of the toilet, showers, Wi-Fi and parking facilities. The area also includes the presence of charter rental agencies and a restaurant-bar.

A few minutes walk from the nautical club you can also find a supermarket, shops, hotels, a bank, a pharmacy and a laundry room. The club also has a separate waste collection area. The taxi station and the bus stop are adjacent to the harbor.

The port is also the venue of the Escuela  (school)  Nacional de Vela Calanova. The school organizes sailing courses for boys and adults, sailing and sports summer camps for children and teenagers as well as group kayaking excursions. The school is also equipped with a residential facility where they can stay the passing yachtsmen and a swimming pool.

The port of Calanova is easily accessible via the land and - beside the port area - there is a small light sandy beach. Many coves and bays follow the coast to the north and south of the harbor.

Very close to the port of Calanova is the beach Calo des Malls, a beach situated in the urban area but with little possibility of parking in the surrounding area, making it a destination not particularly crowded and mostly preferred by the locals.

Another nearby beach is Cala Comtessa. It is easily accessible by public transport there is also a free car parking close to the beach), the access to the beach is via a staircase, which does not make it accessible to everyone. It is a sandy beach, surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean vegetation and the urban agglomeration is less looming than elsewhere.

Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Palma de Mallorca is without doubt the neuralgic point and offers many attractions, both day and night, for every age group.

Its Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art is worth a visit. The cornerstones of the nighttime entertainment are Palma and the nearby Magaluf, which, however, offers a more "unbridled" fun and more suitable for a very young audience.

To move from Port Olimpic Calanova to discover Mallorca, you may decide to hire a car, but it's good to know that public transport service by road is very efficient and very economical too, (and mostly, very important and serviceable particularly for evening hours).