De Fornells Port 

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The Port de Fornells is one of the ports of the island of Minorca, located in its northern part of the Island.

It is located within the homonymous des Fornells Bay, an aim much appreciated by sailors and windsurfers.

The management of the moorings and port activities are run by the Club Nàutic Fornells, which is home to a large sailing center and offers three different modes of mooring to its boaters.

Inside the port area, fits the Pantalan de Fornells, a mooring area that allows to accommodate 31 boats, which have a length between 5 and 21 meters, with a draft that is not greater than 4 meters.

The property was renovated in 2006 and offers its boaters to refuel water, electricity, toilets and a marine service from June to August.

Nearby you can find a medical center and a car rental agency, it is also close to the solely Fornells Bay Fuel Station of the area.

Another possibility is to moor one kilometer further south of the harbor area. That mean to moor along the Pantanal de Ses Salines, a jetty built in 2008 and replacing the old pier by wooden pillars, which allows to bitt up to 74 boats, which have a length between 4 and 12 meters and have a draft of no more than 2.80 meters.

Here you can be supplied with water and electricity. During July and August, it is also a seafaring service.

In the Pantalón de Ses Salines area, the nautical club is also the hub of various activities and has two buoy fields that can accommodate 31 and 20 boats, respectively. But to be able to enjoy mooring booms in these areas, you must be a club member.

Near both  port areas, there are bars, restaurants, supermarkets and other commercial activities.

The nautical club has been renewed in 2010, is accessible to people with disabilities. It has a storage area for sailing and kayaking boats, a workshop and a zone for cleaning and maintenance of boats. All services accessible to both: club members and external customers.

In addition, the club has baths, dressing room and indoor and outdoor showers.

The club organizes sailing courses and sailboats of various levels and it is also a scenario of various events and competitions related to the world of sailing and windsurfing.

The beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and mild temperatures (which become very hot during the summer) make Menorca a very popular goal for tourists and boaters from all over Europe.

The island is home of more than 80 beaches, the largest and finest sand on the southern coast, to the smaller and rocky ones of the northern area.

One of the most practical ways to visit the island and its hinterland is to rent a car. The center of Minorca is considered the Ciutadella, a town located in the eastern part of the island, with a natural harbor and numerous testimonies of what have been  the island over the centuries.

The largest beach on the island is the one of Son Bou, in the southern part of Menorca, about 25 km away from Port de Fornells. It is a beach about 3 km long and where  you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. In the immediate vicinity, you can find various restaurants and hotels where to stay.


The whole coastline of Minorca is dotted with coves, small characteristic beaches and caves worth to be visited,   and consequently, very attracting places for  scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

The rich and lush hinterland and the numerous marked trails, make Menorca a good choice also for hikers.