Ciutadella Nàutic Club 

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The Club Nàutic Ciutadella is located on the southwest coast of Menorca. It is located in the middle of the urban agglomeration of Ciutadella and is very close to its natural harbor and the historic center of the city. The harbor is located inside a creek, so access to the mooring area takes place in the cove.  

This is a small landing place that offers its customers 180 berths for boats of length not exceeding 18 meters and with a draft not exceeding three meters. The marina provides its clients with columns for the supply of electricity, sources of drinking water, showers and toilets and free Wi-Fi.

The club also has a nautical workshop for repairing and maintaining boats. The maintenance equipment includes a crane that can lift boats that have a maximum weight of 12 tons, while a technical team takes care of the maintenance and cleaning of the boats. The services can be used both by club members and by passing boaters (obviously, they offer a discount for members).

The port area also includes a service station for fuel supply (open Monday to Friday from 9.15 to 18.00, from 14.00 to 18.00 on Saturdays and closed on Sundays and public holidays).

The structure was founded in the 1920s as a club for navigation and sport. He currently runs a sailing and boating school, as well as an amateur fishing section. The club organizes nautical events, contests and races throughout the year. In addition, scuba diving can participate in excursions in the surrounding seabed.

The port area also includes a restaurant. The very central location of the nautical club allows you to find easily nearby all types of services and business. The southwestern coast of Menorca is rich in beautiful creeks, coves and caves and many beaches. More generally, the island accommodates more than 80 beaches, from the largest ones with fine and clear sand of the southern coast, to the smaller and rocky ones of the northern area.

One of the nearest beaches is the one of Cala Santandria, about 4 kilometers from Ciutadella. The beach has clear and fine sand. It is easily accessible from the ground and has a free parking nearby (it is also easily accessible by public transport) but it is not accessible for disabled people. It is exposed to wind blowing only from west and northwest, anyway the sandy seabed (deep and good for anchoring) make it a good area where to anchor. In this beach, you can find showers, toilets, a first aid station and a restaurant.

Choosing to head west, you find Cala en Blanes and its light sandy beach. It is surrounded by low rocky cliffs covered with vegetation. The seabed and seaweed are not suitable for large boats, but it is not uncommon to see small boats anchoring in the bay. The beach offers the possibility to rent beach umbrellas and sun loungers and use the showers and toilets.

On the territory of the municipality of Ciutadella are a total of four beaches.

Ciutadella is considered one of the main centers of Menorca (it was also the ancient capital, which was then moved to Mahon). Even now, you can see on her streets, the evidence of the many peoples that have followed over the centuries in her conquest: the Carthaginians, Moors, Aragonese, and Turks.

There have also been found some remnants of ancient talajotic civilization.

The town is a natural harbor; the cathedral (very close to Club Nàutic Ciutadella) and the municipal palace are worth a walk and a visit.