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The Club Nautico Serranova is located in the Bay of Alcudia, along the north-eastern part of the island of Majorca.

It is a small port for small boats. It has 113 mooring berths, for boats with a maximum length of 7 meters and a maximum width of 2.5 meters. The draft of the vessels in transit here may not go over 120 cm. While navigating in the waters of the port area, be careful not to exceed the speed of 2.5 knots.

Coasters who stop here can take advantage of the presence of a continuous watch service, power supply and drinking water, a port captain's office open from 8am to 15pm (Monday to Friday), and showers and public baths. Also available are services for the collection of exhausted oil, dark waters and an area of repairs with workshops, ramp and a crane that can lift weights up to four tons. In the harbor area, there is also a bar-restaurant and public telephones.

There is no petrol station in the club. For the supply, you need to get to the port of Pollença or the Colonia de Sant Pere Nautical Club.

The sailing school of Serranova Sailing Club offers sailing lessons and the opportunity to rent water sports equipment. The club is located in Son Serra de Marina, where you can find restaurants, bars, supermarkets, hotels and public bus stops. Being within the port area and looking to the right, you can notice the beach of Son Serra de Marina, along a sandy coastline and quite large rocks. It is a municipal beach, about 450 meters long, also accessible to people with physical disabilities. The area offers showers and a vigilance service. The shallow waters make it advisable not to drop anchor in this area because the risk of being stranded is high.

The other beach of the surroundings is Son Real, which takes its name from the stream that flows here. It is 5 kilometers a long beach, with two marshy areas (In coincidence with the mouth of the streams Son Real and Son Baulò), consisting of sand and rocks. It does not offer any kind of services, which does not make it too crowded even in summer.

The club and the adjacent beach of Son Serra de Marina are also easily reachable via mainland, by buses or by leaving the car in a nearby car parking area. In the urban center of Son Serra de Marina there is a tower, which makes it easily identifiable even landing from the sea. On this stretch of coast there are numerous, small streams.

Leaving by boat from the Club Nautico Serranova and moving east, you meet the Capdepera area, full of small coves where you can stay at anchor in favorable weather conditions: among many others, you can remember Cala Torta, Cala Agulla and Cala Ratjada.

The Club of Serranova is part of the district of Santa Margalida, a town located less than 60 kilometers from Majorca. This is the richest area of archaeological finds of the island of Mallorca, indicating a substantial presence living in prehistoric times.

In the Alcudia area, you can visit the prehistoric Alzineret caves. Alcudia Bay is one of the most fascinating coastline in the northern part of Majorca. Alicudia is one of the Spanish cities overlooking the oldest Mediterranean Sea. It was an important port in the Phoenician and Carthaginian times, as well as an important Greek, Roman, Saracen and finally Aragonese colony.

Formerly called Pollentia, it is about 20 kilometers from the Club Nautico Serranova. Places of interest include the Porta de Moll and the ancient Roman walls.