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Club Nàutic S'ESTANYOL, an institution since 1970. It all starts in the mid-60s. Caserio de S'Estanyol was frequented by the neighbors of Llucmajor and S'Arenal. There were also some families who relocated to this place with the intention of getting rid of the city and at the same time taking advantage to practice their favorite sport, fishing, as it was a very suitable area to make good catches with the kite. At that time the village was inhabited by some thirty-five people, most of whom were professional fishermen, that is, they fished with nets, longlines, lanterns to catch the squid, etc., but it was very complicated every time they had to leave fishing, because the boats were stuck to the ground and had to be thrown into the sea and on their return to land them with great effort, a task that almost everyone in the village participated in and some "muffins" as the people of Palma called it. Honestly, it was very risky and taking into account the fact that if they had not seen that the weather conditions were very safe, many days of work were lost, something that will reverberate in their profits. A group of vacationers and some fishermen began to meet, drinking coffee earlier and more seriously later, and began to model what could be a refuge in this hamlet. The agreements that have been taken in these meetings have been managed in the various official bodies that struggle to obtain the appropriate license. With some efforts in Costas, this body was granted the corresponding permission and the subsequent construction of a mini-shelter, with which it was no longer necessary to put the boats at sea and avoid the consequent risk of going out to sea. This was a big step, but since the village was full of vacationers, it was necessary to increase this shelter and there was no other solution than to build a marina, since it housed pleasure boats and fishing boats. First of all it was necessary to create a Yacht Club, so that it could start the relevant steps in the construction of the port, an element that all the fishermen expected with great enthusiasm, since it was the best solution to guarantee their trips to the sea, the maximum days of the year. This is how the S'Estanyol Yacht Club was created

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