Port Of Augusta 

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Ports in Sicily: the Port of Augusta

Protected by 6.5 km of inner breakwaters, the port stretches over a body of water of 23,000,000 square metres where sea bottoms range from 14 to 18 metres.

The port facility situated in the bay of Augusta, in the province of Siracusa, is the largest Mediterranean's natural port.

It can host boats up to 40 metres in length.

It includes:

  • A commercial port
  • An industrial area
  • A military base
  • Two dry docks


The bays consists of three large sections

  1. Porto Xifonio, between Punta Izzo and Punta Carcarella
  2. Porto Megarese, the area enclosed between the southern, the northern and the central dams.
  3. Seno del Priolo, the area located in front of the petrochemical establishment

Technical maintenance, repairs and winterizing services are guaranteed by well-equipped shipyards.


Yachting areas

  • Cala del Molo: 310 m. Sea bottoms up to 8 metres
  • Pontile di S. Andrea: 70 metres, sea bottoms up to 8 metres