Scalo Ditella - Port Of Panarea 

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Scalo Ditella is the main port for those who desire reaching and staying in Panarea, the smallest island in the Aeolian archipelago - or better - what survives from an ancient volcano destroyed by the sea. The island is situated north-east of Milazzo and stretches over a surface of 3.3 square kilometres.

The island is vertically divided by a promontory that reaches its highest point at the so-clled Pizzo del Corvo, overlooked by an iron cross. The village stretches over the eastern and south-western ridge where a morphologically "softner" territory leaves room for some gentle planes. The northern and western parts of the island are mainly rocky and hard to be reached by boat.

Yachtsmen who have visited the island say that sailing around Pananea is quite easy if you keep a certain distance from the coast. More specifically, Panarea offers some good shelters from northern and western winds thanks to the numerous coves in the coastline. The most recommended anchorages are Cala Junco, Baia Milazzese, Cala della Nave and, of course, Scalo Ditella.

The latter is the main port of the island. Situated close to the village of San Pietro, north of Punta Peppemaria, it consists of a 100-metre cement jetty raising over sandy and safe sea bottoms.

Equipped with mooring buoys and rings, the southern part of the port is exclusively reserved for hydrofoils, the part located in front of the dock is reserved for ferries while the remaining part of the dock, on the North, is reserved for yachtsment and fishermen. The dock, subject to the winds from the first, second and fourth quadrant, offers an excellent shelter from winds of the third quadrant.

The little port offers many yachting services, such as a filling station, open-air boat storage areas, waste collection, a slipway, a mobile crane, an ATM, a drugstore as well as many restaurants, hotels and shops, a drugstore, a grocery shop and an emergency mediacal care station.

Just a little far from Scalo Ditella, a multi-buoy mooring terminal offers sea taxi service and several berths. Recreational boats are required to keep a 200-metre distance from the dock in order to give way to liners, tankers and paddle boats