Marina Salpancore  

General Data


Dock Services


Tourist ports of Sicily: the port of Salpancore

Situated along the "Lupa" quay in the natural cove of La Cala, the port offers 40 berths for recreational boats.

Port services and equipped shipyard

  • Safe berths
  • Boat storage areas
  • Berths exclusively reserved for transiting boats
  • Sailboat and motorboat haulage and assistance services
  • Shipyard with skilled experienced staff
  • Hull treatments

Sailing Advice

The port is protected by an outer dock and inner breakwater.

Please enter the mouth of the historic port of La Cala to get the port of Salpancore.

Coordinates of the Port of Palermo and Marina Salpancore

  • 38° 07' 22" N
  • 13° 22' 66'' E