Port Of Terrasini 

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Generally considered to be a fishing port, the Port of Terrasini is situated in the Gulf of Palermo, in eastern Sicily and opposite Ustica Island.

The port consists of an outer dock, a linear inner breakwater and a small dock that divides the marina into two smaller basins.

The port facility can host 250 boats up to 30 metres in length. More specifically, 10 berths are exclusively reserved for transiting boats.

Although mainly reserved for fishing boats, the port is equipped with seasonal piers for recreational boats.

Yachtsmen are however required to respect some specific rules imposed by the Port Authority in order to preserve their own safety especially because of low sea bottoms and frequent sandbanks within the port basin.

The port offers a filling station, water supply, a crane, a travel-lift and engine repairs. A the inner dock, a specific zone is exclusively reserved for Port Authority's means, where, of course, yachtsmen are not allowed to dock.

The port facility is framed by the charming Gulf of Palermo, characterized by a breath-taking play of coours offered by the crystal-blue sea and white cliffs.

The port of Terrasini is therefore an important fishing port in the Gulf of Palermo that offers several berths within the wonderful frame of northern Sicily.

The port of Terrasini