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The Port of Pozzallo is the major port of the province of Ragusa and is one of the most important harbours on Sicily. The port was initially designed for a volume of goods of 500,000 tons a year but today it has risen more considerable volumes also thanks to the increasing groth of commercial exchanges. The latter are significantly facilitated by the proximity of Malta and the presence of good connections to Northern Africa.

The dense shipping in the port has led to a radical renovation of the existing buildings and the consequent increase in the real capacity of the port. The current port can, in fact, host up to 150 fishing and recreational boats.

The port facility is formed by an inner breakwater on the south-eastern side and a souther dock. The latter is over 600 metres long and can host ships with a draft of at least 9.5 metres. Services include a filling station, drinkable water and electricity supply, a crane, a travel lift, technical assistance, maintenance interventions and covered boat storage areas.

Despite its commercial identity, as we've already said, the port also includes some zones exclusively reserved for recreational boats while transiting vessels can benefit from a small anchorage located just in front of the port and characterized by sandy and muddy sea bottoms.

The Port of Pozzallo is therefore a high-quality reference point among Ragusa and Sicily's port facilities, well-known for its commercial identity and the quality of its yachting services.

The Port of Pozzallo