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The port of Mazara del Vallo is the only canal port of Sicily. It consists of three different basins: an outer port, a dry dock for fishing boats (also known as "new port") and the canal port. The history of the canal port has very ancient roots; raising at the mouth of the Mazaro river, it has always represented an essential reference point for maritime trafics in the Mediterranean Sea.

In 600 B.C., Greeks used it as a commercial Emporium; some centuries later, Romans continued to consider it as an essential crossway for their maritime trades but it was only with Arabs that the port of Mazara del Vallo actually started to be mentioned among the main ports of the island.

Between XIXth and XXth century, the port saw the birth of a massive fishing fleet that currently counts over 4,300 units. The port is indeed the most important fishing port of the Mediterranean, with an annual production volume of about 200,000 tons of fish.

The commercial port is protected by an inner breakwater and a dock on the East and by an additional dock on the West. Before entering the port basin, it is compulsory to contact the Port Authority.

Three different lanterns (one with red flashing lights located at the top of the new western dock, another with green flashing lights at the top of the inner breakwater and another with a red fixed light) mark the entrance of the port and prevent sailors from crushing into the southern corner of the southern dock.

The seabed depth is extremely variable. In the outer port, it is about 6-7 metres deep; in the new port, it is about 5 metres while, in the canal port, is ranges from 2 to 3 metres.

The port of Mazara del Vallo plays different important roles. First of all, it's an industrial port equipped with many shipyards involved in the construction of large vessels, mechanical and technical repairs and assistance.

Then, the port guarantees oil supply thanks to a large fuel depot.

Cruise and commercial ships dock at Mokarta and Ruggero II docks.

Passenger transport services are carried out at Ammiraglio Francese and Giovan Battista Quinci quays.

Unfortunately, the port offers neither filling station nor slipways for recreational boats.

However, yachtsmen can benefit from a neighbouring marina: named ADINA, it is managed by Associazione Diportisti Nautici Mazarese. The small marina of San Vito, situated 0.70 nm east of the commercial port and consisting of a 90-metre inner breakwater and an outer dock, has recently fallen into disuse.