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Marettimo is the woodiest and most montaneous of Egadi Islands and also the farthest of the three islands, situated at about 20 nautical miles from the coast of Trapani. It's a wild island characterized by wonderful fauna and vegetation: an extremely precious heritage that has managed to survive thanks to the low man's impact on the environment.

Marettimo is the perfect island for trekking enthusiasts since it offers numerous paths and over 400 grottos. Underwater grottos are the most characterizing element of this amazing island. The most popular ones are named Grotta del Tuono (Grotto of the Thunder) and Grotta del Presepe (Grotto of Nativity), well-known for its stalactites and stalagmites.

Yachtsmen can easily reach the numerous little bays and pretty beaches surrouding the island.

Marettimo is also a real paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. Sea bottoms are attractive and hide great wonders , including the wreck of a mercantie ship situated off the coast, between the village and the so-called Punta Bassana. Sunk in '60s, the large cargo ship lies partially buried under the sand at a depth of 20 metres. Grottos, coves and shoals offer the possibility to dive in their crystal-blue waters in the search of very rich marina fauna and flora.

The highest point of the island (almost 700 metres above the sea level) is named Monte Falcone. From there, visitors can enjoy an unforgettable panorama.

The only inhabitated centre of the island is represented by the village of Marettimo. Bars, restaurants and supermarkets are available but very limited in numbers. The island offers no hotels but many locals make their own houses available for tourists.

The port of Marettimo stretches all around the village. On the South, there is Scalo Nuovo, while Scalo Vecchio is north of the village.

Scalo Nuovo is the largest of the two ports and consists of a 230-metre dock and a floating jetty reserved for recreational boats. The latter is open only in summer and managed by "Big Game" yacht club. The quay of "Scalo Nuovo", on the other hand, is managed by the Port Authority.

As already said, "Scalo Vecchio" is situated north of the village. More precisely, it raises inside a rocky-and-sandy cove. The port is protected from a 100-metre dock on the East.

The seabed in the bay is quite low (about 3 metres). Scalo Vecchio is well-sheltered against the winds of the 3rd and 4th quadrant and offers a very good shelter for small boats. It offers 20 berths, 10 of which are reserved for transiting boats. The port is exclusively accessible by boats up to 15 metres in length.

Yachting services are totally absent. Only pilotage, mooring and rescue are guaranteed.