Port Of Levanzo 

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Among the ports and anchorages of Aegadian Islands, the port of Levanzo is one among the most beautiful places where to moor.

Situated on the southern coast of the island, nestled in a cove named Cala Dogana, it consists of a 80-metre dock and two quays, one of which is esclusively reserved for hydrofoils.

Such a small port facility, of course, can host just some small fishing boats, hydrofoils and few recreational boats that usually reach Levanzo to find a good shelter from north winds.

Despite its small size, the port is actually beautiful since it raises on a wonderful stretch of coast characterized by many picturesque beaches and some cliffs.

Sea bottoms are rocky and sandy and they never reach a depth of 6 metres. The port offers few services, such as rescue, pilotage, boarding and disembarkation equipment, mooring assistance.

The latter is a often required in case of libeccio and sirocco winds.

Often neglected among the anchorages of the island, the port of Levanzo is, on the contrary, a small picturesque port with essential services that offers a wonderful panorama and good shelter.

The port of Levanzo