Port Of Gela 

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Delimited by two converging docks, the port of Gela offers a shelter for small local recreational and fishing boats. It consists of a main quay and an eastern dock, mainly reserved for recreational boats. Transiting vessels, on the contrary, are allowed to dock in the area close to the shipyard. The port facilit offers 120 berths for boats up to 20 metres and a maximum draft of 4.5 metres. 

A filling station is situated on the northen quay and is open only during the day. Every berth is equipped with water and electric charging columns and the port also offers a slipway and mechanical assistance.

When approaching to the port, the dock of the oil station and the smokestacks of the ANIX refinery, in addition to the city of Gela just behind the port, are prominent points. Exposed to libeccio and sirocco winds but well-sheltered from south ones, the port can cause some troubles because of some sandbanks and low sea bottoms.

The city of Gela raises in the southern coast of Sicily, on a long hill overlooking the namesake gulf on the South. The economy of the city is largely based on oil industry and oil rigs. The municipal territory includes a coastline stretching for 24 km, from the mouth of Dirillo River and the Comunelli's one. However, the eastern strecth of coast is not bathing because of the presence of the petrochemical establishment.

On the other hand, the western coast is rich of golden-sand beaches and well-equipped bathing establishments. More specifically, the beaches of Macchitella, Roccazzelle, Manfria and Piana Marina are very crowded with surfers. 10 km far from Gela, at the foot of the Tower of Manfria, the coast becomes high and jagged, with a multitude of small beaches.

The culinary tradition of Gela includes fish delicacies, pastries with ricotta and almonds, cannoli and mostaccioli.