Port Of Filicudi 

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Situated in a cove north of Capo Graziano, the Port of Filicudi consists of a cement 55 x 12 metre jetty, around which sea bottoms range from 6 to 9 metres.

The port offers fenders and mooring buoys, in addition to an excellent shelter against winds from the 3rd quadrant. When entering the port, yachtsmen are recommended to pay attention to a submerged breakwater located between the quay and the slipway. The shoal of Capo Graziano, located at a depth of 1.80 metres, is equally insidious.

The eastern part of the jetty is exclusively reserved for hydrofoils while the rest of the area can host both fishing and recreational boats. The western side can host fishing, recreational and transiting vessels.

The port is equipped with a slipway, water and electric charging columns, a filling station, mooring services and a boat storage area.

Filicudi Island stretches over a surface of 9.7 km² and is part of the archipelago of Aeolian Islands. The municipality it belongs to is Lipari, in the province of Messina. Its ancient name was Phoenicusa, which means "rich of ferns", even though the characterizing plant of the island is a a small palm tree.

The dormant Fossa Felci volcano (774 m) is the highest mountain of the island, surrounded by other seven volcanoes. The island has a population of 250 inhabitants (that become 3,000 in summer) living in the villages of Filicudi Porto, Pecorini Mare and Valdichiesa, all connected by the only paved road existing on the island.

Another "district", named Stimpagnata, is esclusively inhabited in summer by tourists. The inhabitants of the island are called "filicudari". Local vegetation is characterized by caper bushes and fig trees that contribute to support local economy even though the main source of wealth comes from tourism.

Filicudi hosts a department of the Aeolian Archaeological Museum, where several remains found in Capo Graziano and the surrounding archaeological sites of Aeolian Islands are currently exhibited.

An Art Biennale is held in the district of Fosserra.

Filicudi has been declared World's Heritage Site by Unesco. A regional park has been established in a large area of the island over the last years.