Porto Dell' Etna-marina Di Riposto  

General Data


Dock Services


Situated at the foot of Mount Etna, just 6 nautical miles from Taormina, the Marina di Riposto is a modern well-equipped marina with a 150-metre quay and 570-metre floating jetties.

The port consists of:

  • a central cement dock oriented to East/North-East equipped with floating jetties
  • A 220-metre quay
  • a dry dock, still under construction, equipped with an inner breakwater and floating jetties

The shipyard

A large yard (5,000 square metres) and a shed (1,000 square metres) ensure permanent assistance for any need and boat. Services include haulage and launch, a travel lift (160 tons), a mobile crane (20 tons) and a telescopic carriage (3 tons).

Skilled staff offers ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions, anti-osmosi treatments, engine and hull repairs.

Assistance services

  • Haulage and launch
  • Hull cleaning
  • Mechanic, electric and electronic repairs
  • Hull repairs (wood and fiberglass)
  • Sewage and used oils assistance