Marina Del Nettuno  

General Data


Dock Services


Marina del Nettuno: a dafe port in Sicily

Protected by a cement floating dam, an inner breakwater on the north-eastern side and a smaller south-eastern dock, the Marina del Nettuno is situated on the external side of the port of Messina. The port is well-sheltered against the strong streams that usually hit the Strait of Messina.

How to enter the port

Before entering the port, yachtsmen are required to contact VHF 09 channel. The maximum speed allowed is 3 knots.

The port is equipped with floating aluminium jetties, fingers and mooring buoys.


Ordinary services are included in the mooring fee. Additional services include:

  • Drinkable water supply
  • Electricity supply
  • Bilge waters collection
  • Collection of used batteries and oils
  • Deck equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Periodic ventilation of engine rooms, lockers and inner compartments
  • Boat cleaning with hot water
  • Underwater propeller, engine and shaft checks