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Levanzo is the smallest of Egadi Island, stretching over a surface of just 5 square kilometres. Despite its small size, Levanzo is one among the most popular tourist destinations in the Sicilian archipelago, well-known for its wild pristine nature and torquoise waters.

Getting Levanzo is quite easy also because tourists can benefit from the numerous ferries and hydrofoils leaving from the port of Trapani.

The main attraction of the island is the so-called Grotta del Genovese,a wonderful archaeological site with a large amount of Prehistoric graffitoes and inscriptions that date back to over 8000 years ago.

The highest point of the island is named Pizzo Monaco ( 270 m); from its top, visitors can enjoy an unforgettable view on the Mediterranean.

Furthermore, Levanzo is a real paradise for diving enthusiasts since it offers a real underwater itinerary from Cala Minnola and Punta Altarella. At a depth of over 30 metres, it is possibile to admire the wreck of an ancient Roman ship and a large amount of ceramic urns and vases of the I century B.C.

The only road of the island is that leadind to Faraglione, a picturesque beach surrounded by wild pristine nature.

The only inhabitated centre of Levanzo is the small village of Cala Dogana. It consists of a small group of houses and some restaurants totally crowded with tourists in summer.

Opposite the village of Cala Dogana raise the namesake beach and the only port of the island, situated at 6.5 miles from the coast of Trapani. It's a small marina equipped with a 80-metre dock, a small quay and a short jetty exclusively reserved for ferries and hydrofoils.

Recreational boats can dock at the western dock which can host only 15 boats.

Services include only a drinking fountain, a fixed crane, toilets (only in summer) and emergency medical care