Port Of Golfo Aranci 

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The port of Golfo Aranci carries in its name something eccentric. Maybe, it's the strange reference offered by the hidden synonimous that suggests the scent of citruis fruit; or, perhaps, it's the combnation between the port and the gulf that suggest a sort of double identity.

What is certain is that the place where this port facility raises confirms its capacities thanks to a beautiful scenario and a maritime panorama that really matches the surrounding geographical context. If you're reaching the port, this means that you're sailing north of Olbia, where the gulf represents an important passage point in this stretch of coast.

Its location makes it definitively suitable for a traffic of sailors and vessels carrying million passengers every year. This attitude is essentially due to the presence of very deep sea bottoms that enable even large ships to dock here.

The facility is therefore very functional and suited for loading and unloading activities. The harbour has very large quays. Consequently, very large ships, including the Sardinia Ferries' Mega Express, dock here with no problem. In order to provide the best services, the facility even offers a well-equipped maritime station.

Precisely because of its identity and the capacity to host large ships, the facility imposes a precise set of rules. For example, boaters are required to keep a maintenance of at least 200 metres when cargo ships approach to the port.

Furthermore, the port of Golfo Aranci offers many docks specifically reserved for recreational, small and fishing boats, in addition to a series of berths reserved for the Port Authority.

The port offers a wide range of services, including illuminated quays, a slipway, mobile and fixed cranes, waste collection, pay phone, a garage for technical repairs, tourist services and conciergerie.

The Port of Golfo Aranci therefore represents an excellent reference point and a good anchorage point for both recreational boats and large ships, able to meet the needs of the most experienced and demanding sailors.