Perd'e Sali  

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The marina of Perd'e Sali raises in southern Sardinia, in the municipality of Sarroch, in the province of Cagliari. The marina is currently managed by a private company named Saromar and the reference port authority is the Cagliari-based one. Boats can enter the marina only under permit and have to respect the numerous bans in force within the port basin; in addition to fishing and bathing bans, even the use of anchors and beacons is not allowed and the maximum speed allowed is 3 knots.

The marina offers a complete range of services, including a 4-ton crane, electricity, water and surveillance service. The marina includes five floating quays and two cement piers protected by a 250-metre inner breakwater and an outer one of about 170 metres. The seabed is muddy and sandy and depth ranges from 2.5-3 metres near the quay to 1.5 metres at the mouth of the port.

Perd'e Sali is a vacation destination situated about 35 km from Cagliari, 4 km from Pula and 7 km from the Sarroch. The marina is one among the main reference points in south-western Sardinia and is located between two popular beaches: Porto Columbu and Perd'e Sali, both wonderful and rather peaceful.

The beach of Porto Columbu is composed of sand and gravel and is quite close to the port. The seabed immediately becomes deep and the beach is equipped with all amenities: a coffee bar, a restaurant, beach equipment and a large car park. When the wind blows, this beach and that of Perd'e Sali are crowded by many surfers and windsurfers who enjoy running on the board in the waves at very exciting speed.

When the sea is flat, the area is perfect for snorkeling and diving. Fishermen can enjoy fishing sea basses and breams, crustaceans and octopuses, generally served in the numerous restaurants of the region.

Opposite the beach of Perd'e Sali, the seabed is little deep and it gently slopes over a beach made of pebbles and sand. Even in July and August, this beach is less crowded than that of Porto Columbu.