Marina Di Ottiolu  

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The Marina di Ottiolu consists of a well-equipped shipyard, a marina and a residence-hotel.

Situated south-west of Punta Ottiolu, the private marina is protected by two long docks.

The facility includes an outer port and some equipped quays which can host up to 405 boats.

40 berths are reserved for transiting boats.

Sea bottoms

Sea bottoms are sandy about 200 metres from the coast and rocky along the coastline.

  • Outer port: 5 metres
  • Outer docks: 4.5 metres
  • Entrance of the port: 3.1 metres
  • Inner basin: 2.8 metres

How to enter the port

From North: boaters are required to sail about half a mile east of Punta Ottiolu. A buoy marks the end of a cliff extending to the islet of Ottiolu.

From South: boaters have to sai about 1 mile east of the islet and overpass the buoy 

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