Isola Rossa 

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The anchorage of Isola Rossa is one of the very few ones of the region with a good shelter against mistral. It raises in the north-western side of the Sardinian coastline, in the municipality of Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola, in the province of Olbia-Tempio. More specifically, Isola Rossa is situated between Castelsardo and Costa Paradiso, on a small promontory overlooked by a 16th-century Spanish tower. The town is surrounded by a cliff with many natural coves and the two promontories of Isola Rossa and Punta Li Canneddi on the North.

Along the coast there are some enchanting beaches, including that of Marinedda nestled in red porphyry rocks. Opposite the coast raises Isola Rossa, after which the town is named, in addition to a series of typical red rocks. The natural bay has always been a safe landing post and, in 1595, the Spanish built a watchtower to protect it from Saracen pirates.

Starting from '60s, the whole area became a popular tourist destination and it has developed until today with many hotels, clubs and accommodation facilities of all kind. The port raises south of the tower and it includes two docks: a south-west-oriented inner breakwater and  a south-east -oriented outer one. Moreover, some floating piers offer almost 500 berths.

The seabed of the anchorage ranges from 10 up to 50 metres in depth while, around the quay, it is about 7 mt deep. Boats entering the port can't exceed 3 knots. Recreational and transiting boats can moor at dock H and the port is managed by the so-called Unione dei Comuni Alta Gallura, which must be contacted on VHF channel 9 or by phone at the following number: (+39) 393-9230804 before approaching to the port. In the northern side of the eastern coast of the port, the seabed is very low, rocky and sandy as in the rest of the anchorage.

The port offers a wide range of services and is generally used as starting point for excursions in Gallura. The town is rich of tourist attractions, historic monuments and interesting old buildings. West of Isola Rossa, there's the Gulf of Asinara with Porto Torres and Santa Teresa di Gallura on the East. In the middle, a series of small natural coves with wild pristine beaches accessible only by sea. In case of strong mistral, mooring manoueuvres can become difficult inside the port of Isola Rossa.