Calasetta And Sant'antioco Island - Tourist Port 

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West of the commercial port, the tourist port of Calasetta offesr four jetties protected by a long outer breakwater. Yachtsmen are required to pay attention to low sea bottoms in the middle of the port and the so-called Secca del Francese, an insidious shoal indicated by a cardinal beacon equipped with a white light. The entrance of the marina is marked by a North cardinal beacon. Piers A (80 m), B (96 m, 58 berths), C (60 m), D  (46 m) and quay Elio ( 140 m, 50 berths) are all managed by GEST.POR.TUR srl but boats can also use some privately-run buoys.

The Marina di Calasetta consists of 300 well-protected berths, 55 boat slips for transiting units up to 20 metres in length. The marina has been recently renewed and equipped with a new fixed quay and four floating piers.

When entering the port, yachtsmen are required to pay attention to a series of rocks located north of the mouth. Both the piers and the quay offer mooring lines and yachtsmen can even benefit from mooring assistance during the day. While approaching to the marina, yachtsmen can ask for mooring assistance on VHF channel 74.

Calasetta is situated on the northern coast of Sant'Antioco Island and it is the second largest village of the island with 2750 inhabitants. It's a peaceful nice place, with enough services and entertnaiment opportunities. More specifically, it offers some supermarkets, fish markets, butcher shops and bakeries. Every Wednesday morning, the port hosts a market with fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, oil, wine and many other local products.

Calasetta also offers three wonderful beaches: Sottotorre, easily reachable by foot from the marina, Salina and Spiaggia Grande. All beaches feature white sand, crystal-blue water and low sea bottoms.

At night, Calasetta is crawling with tourists and young people. The town square often hosts concerts, festivals and folk events, alway welcomed by both locals and tourists with enthusiasm. Shops are open until late in the night and visitors can admire typical object like coral jewels, fabrics and glass.

Calasetta is rich of restaurants and pizzerias, ideal to have a drink or a cocktail in the town or at beach or taste fresh fish and local specialities.