Port Of Trani 

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The port of Trani is a natural bay enclosed between two docks: Santa Lucia to the West and Sant' Antonio to the East, the latter being the seat of the summer pier of the municipal Darsena consisting of 5 piers in total, 4 of which are permanent and situated in the port. The port of Trani extends over a body of water of 137,000 square metres, where sea bottoms are sandy and about 4-5 m deep, and a coast of 1,850 m, 900 of which are occupied by operative quays. On the ground, the port surface extends over 24,880 square metres.

The port includes some floating piers managed by the City Council and Lega Navale Italiana. The council of Trani, in fact, has set, equipped and currently manages its own port Darsena (wet dock) in order to promote the social and economical development of the port. The municipal dock represents a great tourist attraction for the city of Trani: many Italian and foreign transiting boats are usually docked here in summer, in addition to hundreds of boats moored over the year.

A great resource of this port is the presence of quays along all the inner shores: the quay of S.Lucia Dock, with a length of 48 m and a surface of 1,400 square metres, is reserved for cargo ships; the area near the S. Teresa Quay (215 m long) is reserved for fishing boats: the Seminario Quay and a portion of the La Conca Quay (109 m) are dedicated to fishing vessels; the quays of Piazza Quercia and Piazza Tiepolo (450 m) are reserved for recreational boats. Here, floating piers (618 m in total) host up to 550 boats up to 25 m; 350 berths are specifically reserved for boats ranging from 4 up to 25 m. Finally, the dock of San Nicola contributes to make sea bottom, generally low in the port, stable enough.

The port of Trani, together with the namesake city, is one among the most beautiful spots of the Adriatic Coast. Thanks to the beauty of its landscape and tourist services, it is a very popular and appreciated tourist place. Moreover, it often hosts off-shore national and international sailing races. The port area is rich of pizzerias, pubs and restaurants and offers a wonderful frame to many local events: in summer, for example, at the festivities in honour of the saint patron of the city, St. Nicholas, the port becomes a crossing point for religious processions as well as the ideal place from which to admire fireworks.