Old Port Of Manfredonia 

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The Old Port of Manfredonia is one of the two ports reserved for recreational boats in the city and one among the most important harbours in northern Puglia.

It is made up of two docks, one located on the West, the other on the East, a trapezoidal dock and a northern quay. These spaces are, however, reserved for commercial vessels, fishing boats and passenger ships.

Recreational docks can dock at Cala Spuntone, near the western dock and inside the Gargano Sailing Club area. As an alternative, they can also use Cala Diomede, located north of the northern dock and within the Lega Navale Italiana area.

In case of emergencies, the local Port Authority can authorize mooring along the western dock.

The port is well-sheltered from many winds, even if hardship winds often generate undertow. In case of southern and south-eastern winds, landing in this port is not recommended. Sandbanks, too, can be insidious.

The port offers a wide range of services: in addition to technical assistance, repairs, fuel and even a shipyard for repairs of fiberglass or wooden hulls, the structure also offers a coffee bar and a covered boat storage area.

In the surroundings there are also some shipyards and a fish market.

The lighthouse of the port raises on the eastern dock.

The port enjoys a very central position in the city, so bars, restaurants, post offices, banks and shops are all within reach.

Just behind the old port, visitors can admire the beautiful medieval castle, built by Swabians but later subject to the influence of both Aragonese and Angevins.

The promenade is spacious and offers the opportunity to have a nice walk.

Manfredonia represents the symbolic southern gate of Gargano. It's well sheltered by surrounding mountains and enjoys a strategic position, allowing yachtsmen to reach Bari, Tremiti Islands and all the other destinations of Gargano easily.

North of Manfredonia, the coast becomes high and rocky, with a series of charming coves, grottos and beautiful beaches, like that of Mattinatella Bay.

The city is part of the National Gargano Park, established in '90s in order to preserve the delicate local ecosystem.

The Old Port of Manfredonia represents a good starting point to discover Gargano and Puglia in general.