Port Of San Nicola 

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Situated on the south-western side of the namesake island, the port of San Nicola (St. Nicholas' Port) is one among the few ports available on Tremiti Islands.

The port raises in a small natural cove and it consists of a south-eastern 80-metre dock and a north-western one.

Recreational boats can enter the harbour from both North and South.

In the first case, yachtsmen have to keep starboard and not moor at less than 50 metres from the dock since bottoms are very low there; in the southern side, on the contrary, mooring is not recommended.

Because of its small size, the port can receive just few small boats.

Mooring at the pier is almost exclusively allowed at night, while, during the day, it is generally reserved for hydrofoils and ferries.

Unfortunately, the port doesn't offer many services. It has no filling station but yachtsmen can order some tanks to refuel.

Visitors landing in the port of San Nicola can enjoy the view of the fortress of Santa Maria del Mare, a complex which includes a castle and an abbey and overlooks the sea, together with a glimpse into San Domino Island, the largest among Tremiti Islands. All the islands are part of the Puglia region, in the territory of Gargano, and the namesake marine reserve.

In the port, waters are clean and, if the area is not particularly crowed, a bath in this peaceful place might be a good idea.

The island is rich of rocks, grottos and beaches, such as Marinella, in the north-western side.

The island of San Nicola can be easily reached from Vieste, Rodi Garganico and Termoli by ferry or hydrofoil.

Visitors can enjoy lots of typical restaurants, bars, b&b and shops on the island.

Less green than the other islands of the archipelago, San Nicola consists of a rocky plateau and is famous for its beautiful buildings and historical remains dating back to the Hellenistic period. The complex of Santa Maria del Mare includes a church built in the 11th century by the monks of Monteccasino. Hence the nickname "Montecassino in the middle of the sea" often used for the island.

Scuba divers will certainly appreciate the island for its bottoms, rich of sea vegetation and fauna.

The port of San Nicola is an excellent place where to moor at night while enjoying the beauty of Tremiti Islands.