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Together with that of Barletta, the port of Monopoli is one among the most popular and ancient harbours of the eastern coast in Puglia. It's a very ancient structure which has attracted several archaeological studies over the years because of the many traces testifying the passage of ancient people.

The port has been subject to a difficult reputation over the years because of the very few docking possibilities it could offer. This is the result of a particularly insidious coast which makes any mooring manoeuvre very difficult and risky, even in case of commercial boats.

Fortunately, the port was also involved in some important improvement works which allowed to make sailors forget its ancient name: Porto Aspro (Harsh Port), especially after World War II.

It is a fact that the port of Monopoli has been always highly respected, especially by the locals who usually have a boat or live on sailors' activities.

The current port is protected by two main docks called Molo Margherita and Diga di Tramontana. The latter, however, is not accessible because of the presence of a rocky cliff. The port always offers some dangers, such as a shoal near Punta del Trave, especially in case of low tide.

The port can receive ships up to 110 m. They're generally tourist ships and there is no more than one docking at the same moment for safety reasons and in order to host at least 80 boats in the basin.

The sea bottom is muddy and partially rocky, which makes manoeuvres and landing difficult in some zones. Yachtsmen have to be careful also when entering the port, especially in case of strong eastern wind and sirocco.

The port of Monopoli is an important wrinkle in the ancient Puglia's profile and the best expression of a city which shapes its identity around boats and marine life. Despite its ancient charming profile, it ensures hospitality and essential services.

The Port of Monopoli