Port Of Campomarino Di Maruggio 

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Campomarino di Maruggio, generally known as Marina di Maruggio by locals, is a hamlet of the namesake municipality in the province of Taranto, particularly crowded in summer.

The port overlooking the Ionian- Salentine Coast represents the only port facility existing in the stretch of coast going from Porto Cesareo to Taranto.

The port of Campomarino di Maruggio is a harbour of refuge protected by an about 400-metre-long inner breakwater and a 230-metre outer dock. It includes a central dock which splits the basin into two different areas: a fishing basin in the East and a tourist one in the West.

Entering the port can be very dangerous in case of winds blowing from the 2nd and 3rd quadrant especially because of some rocks raising at the mouth of the port and some shallows located near the inner quay of the outer dock. 

In the central zone of the mouth, the sea bottom is about 1,5 m deep while, on both sides, it is just 80 cm because of some sandbanks. Please be careful if your boat has a draft of over 1 m. 

The port of Campomarino di Maruggio includes two zones: a fishing port on the left and a marina, on the right, with 300 berths for boats up to 20 m. The two areas have the same sizes and are marked by a restaurant. The marina is the place where locals and tourists generally have walks, in additition to Piazzale Italia.

In particular, the dock offers a wonderful view of the sea. The inner wet dock, too, is a nice well-decorated place where to enjoy walks.

The marina includes a large yard where many concerts and events are held in summer. Next to the marina, there's a square which hosts a yard sale in summer. 

Unfortunately, the wet dock, managed by Torre Moline SpA, features sandbanks and rotting seaweeds which smell something awful in case of southern winds.

Already in 2012, the Puglia Regional Government cautioned and solicited the society to remove seaweeds and clean the port area. The society, however, limited itself to place some means in the port necessary for removing sand in the outer dock