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The port of Barletta is one among the oldest and most particular Italian harbours. It has a very various history. Its birth, dating back to the early 4th century, is closely linked to the settlement of some Illyrian and Indo-European communities which had started to use the territory as a commercial place.

At first, that stretch of coast didn't seem to be favourable for boats and ships but, later, a first dock was built.

Used as a simple anchorage point and a commercial seaport for many years, the structure was subject to some interesting restoration works starting from the 15th century. King Ferdinand of Aragon (Ferdinand I of Naples) built a safer structure and started a long series of renovation and restoration works which finally resulted in the current port of Barletta.

Today, the port is not accessible by ships longer than 165 m and with a draft of over 6 m.

Together with the harbours of Manfredonia and Monopoli, the port of Barletta is also know as Port Authority of East Coast. This reputation, together with the capacity of its surface and the constant restoration works, make it one among the safest harbours existing in Puglia.

The port is, in fact, often subject to works aimed to reduce many potential risks and it is equipped with safe western docks, quays, an eastern barrier and a western pier hosting a wet dock, in addition to another dry dock equipped with a 230-metre pier.

The Port of Barletta is an important naval port with a prestigious history which has conquered great reliability amongst the port facilities of Puglia thanks to human investments. It offers a complete range of services.

The Port of Barletta