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Situated along the northern coast of the Italian spur, in Puglia and in the province of Foggia, the port of Peschici is one among the most important harbours of Gargano since it is the main starting point to reach Tremiti Islands.

The structure, generally used by ferries and fishing boats, is rather small. The main danger of the port of Peschici is represented by the absence of light signals at its mouth; consequently, reaching it at night is not recommended. The port is sheltered by a dock, equipped with a quay, on the West and an inner breakwater on the East. 

Even though it is rather small, the port offers all essential nautical services, included a crane.

In addition to the above-mentioned absence of signals at the entrance, the port also features some insidious sandbanks and very low bottoms.

The port already existed in the 13th century, when it was very active in the construction of ships with the wood coming from Gargano forests.

It was one among the few harbours equipped with a lighthouse and a 1254 pilot book mentions it with the name of Pesquicium. 

The town of Gargano has had this name since 1570, when Peschici was the starting point of many trade traffics to Dalmatia. Gargano remained isolated until 1893, when main road no.89 was built.

From 1933 on, the current port was rebuilt, first as a shelter to fishermen. But in '80s it finally became a tourist port.

Unfortunately, however, many ordinances and bans limit the access to the port and, before mooring, yachtsmen are required to see ordinance no. 21/99 of 19th June 1999 issued by Circomare Vieste.

Peschici was founded by Slavs in 970 AD and it is perched into an about 100-metre-high rock overlooking the port. The port is linked to the historic centre and the castle by a narrow uphill road.

The first human settlements in Peschici are reported since the Stone Age and some remains, dating back to 12,000 years ago, have been found near Madonna of Loreto's Church. The town is famous since it is the only place in Italy where sunrise and sunset can be admired over the sea in the same day from the top of the castle.