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Life and activities in the port of Otranto are closely linked to the city and the historical events which have characterized it over the centuries. Thanks to the tourist function of the city, the harbour has always represented an important place where to welcome tourists as well as the starting point of tourist ferries and hydrofoils.

Until 1999, a ferry service linked Otranto to some cities in Greece and Albania.

Today, on the contrary, the city is often protagonist of real journeys of hope of neighbouring people who clandestinely cross the Adriatic and land here seeking a better life. Today, like yesterday, the port represents a very important reality for the whole Salento, a link with the East, an important commercial hub and a strategic military point.

The port of  Otranto is a small cove well-sheltered by St. Nicholas's dock, equipped with three wings and several piers. The port can receive 390 boats up to 20 m. 10 berths are specifically reserved for transiting boats.

In addition to tourism, the economy of Otranto is based on fishing; consequently, the port usually hosts many fishing boats which contribute to recreate the typical atmosphere of places where the man competes with nature to survive.

The port is currently an important hub for the trading of some building materials, such as cement, lime and plastic tanks. Until 1994, the port was an important reference point even for tobacco merchants.

An aspect which should not be underestimated is the atmosphere the port is able to offer to both visitors and locals: from many prominent corners of the city, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the illuminated port which almost represents the human attempt to grab the sea. A nice promenade makes a walk in the sunset very charming.

In 2006, the port was awarded with Legambiente 5 Sails for the quality of its environmental protection: quality of bathing waters, separated waste collection, water resources management, creation of pedestrian areas, protection of the historic centre and so on. In other words, everything necessary for a sustainable development able to increase a quality tourist request, based on the research for a holiday lived in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Almost a year ago, however, a letter of protest was presented against the regional authorities to reject the upgrading project of the port.

According to the superintendence, the project would alter and damage both the coastline and the whole landscape, in addition to the view from and to the historic centre both during the day and at night, when the port lightening would entirely cover the historic centre with its monuments, towers and the historic bay of the port