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The port of Mattinata raises along the coast of Gargano, Puglia, between Manfredonia on the South and Vieste on the North, in the province of Foggia. The marina is situated near Punta Agnuli, about 2 km far from the city centre and it includes an inner breakwater, completely equipped with a quay, and some floating piers which can receive boats up to 10 m.

At the quay, on the contrary, the maximum length allowed is 15 m.

The inner breakwater is almost totally reserved for recreational boats, together with some seasonal piers, managed by the Punta Grugno Club and Mazzone Centre, generally added in summer. The marina of Mattinata provides its guests with a complete range of services: illuminated quays, electric charging columns, water, a mobile crane and different open and covered boat storage areas, in addition to watchmen, technical assistance and a filling station located at about 2 km from the structure. 

Mattinata is one among the most popular destinations in Gargano, declared "Blue Flag" many times over the last few years thanks to its clean crystal-blue waters. In 2013, it also received three "sails" by Legambiente. The whole coast developing from Mattinata to Vieste is famous for its white cliffs and stacks, rich of grottos and coves, many of which are still unexplored.

These coasts are particularly crowded and appreciated by both scuba divers and underwater fishermen because the sea is really transparent and rich of any kind of flora and fauna. On the stacks, vegetation is luxuriant and the silent landscape, exclusively dominated by wind noise, sea and sea birds, offers wonderful views.

Near the port of Mattinata raises a beach called Mattinatella Bay, nestled into a rocky stretch of coast and surrounded by high rocks covered with pine trees. The beach is made of sand and gravel and it is partially free, partially equipped. A lot of restaurants, coffee bars, shops and many other services are available in the surroundings.

The area is part of the National Gargano Park which almost completely covers the Italian spur. In the so-called "Umbrian forest", there's also a protected marine reserve which includes Tremiti Islands.

The town of Mattinata offers some particular buildings dating back to the 18th century called pagghiére (literally "hay barns") made of blocks of stones. In the past, these structures were used to offer shelter to peasants or to store straw.