Marina Di Rodi Garganico  

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Ports of Puglia in the Gargano promontory 

In one among the most charming gulfs of the Gargano Coast, opposite Tremiti Islands and about 30 nautical miles away from Lagosta Island and 60 miles from Curzola, raises the Marina di Rodi Garganico, a safe landing port inside the namesake Gargano National Park.

Among all the ports in Puglia and, more generally, in Italy, this marina is the port facility with the greatest proximity to Croatian coasts.
The structure of the port includes:

- An outer breakwater, on the West. It's the main breakwater of the port. It reaches a distance of 300 metres from the coast, by extending over 700 metres. The result is an inner basin of 60,000 square metres, well-sheltered from north-western winds, mistral and northerly wind. Both sailing and motor boats (with a length from 8 up to 45 metres) can moor safely even in bad weather conditions.

An inner breakwater: its the secondary dock which develops to the East.

Services and Yacht Service

The Marina di Rodi Garganico is one among the most equipped marinas of Puglia.

Boats can dock at fixed and floating piers, all equipped with water and electric charging columns.
The marina also hosts the Yacht Service, a well-equipped area offering complete nautical assistance. More specifically, services offered to both transiting and resident boats include: 

  • Dry dock interventions
  • Technical assistance and repair of marine engines and electric on-board systems. 
  • Covered and open-air boat storage areas for small boats

Portus Garnae

Until the last century, in the area next to the current port facility, visitors could admire the ruins of the ancient Roman harbour. Although the new port was inaugurated in 2009, the request to build the tourist port facility was formally made in 1908.