Darsena Fontanelle 

General Data


Dock Services


Marinas in Salento, Puglia

East of the commercial port of Gallipoli, in the Salento region, raises the Darsena di Fontanelle. This port, whose quays extend over 500 metres, can host 130 boats up to 18 metres in length simultaneously.

How to enter the port

When entering the port, boaters are required to use caution and continue sailing in the middle of the entrance channel. 

A wide range of services for the yachtsman

Fontanelle is a private marina devoted to recreational boating which offers a wide range of services, such as a filling station (open from 09:00 am to 9:00 pm), a mobile crane (up to 25 tons) repairs of wooden and fiberglass hulls, waste collection, toilets and showers.

Within the port basin, fishing and bathing are not allowed.

At Darsena Fontanelle, visitors can enjoy a wonderful panorama of the old city of Gallipoli, one of the most charming "pearls" in the sea of Puglia.