Porto De Recreio De Oeiras 

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Oeiras is a concept that brings together several valences in the area of leisure such as the Paseo Marítimo, Puerto de Recreo de Oeiras and Oeiras Oceanic Pool, with a territory of 46 km2, the Municipality of Oeiras is located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon and limits with the capital to the east, with Cascais to the west, with Sintra and Amadora to the north. To the south, there is the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean.

The coast extends for more than 9 km, where the beaches of Torre, Santo Amaro de Oeiras and Paço de Arcos are located.

Its climate is temperate maritime, suitable for outdoor activities and excursions. Along the coast, the fortified line recalls the strategic importance of this county against trade, which has intensified greatly with the epic of Portuguese discoveries.

Even at that time, Oeiras proved to be an agricultural and industrial reference area. the indispensable figure of the village of Oeiras and the history of Portugal is Sebastião José de Carvalho y Mello, Marques de Pombal and the Count of Oeiras, who were granted the jurisdiction of these lands in 1759, by King José I. Once, important stops are the gardens and the Palace of the Marquis of Pombal, classified as a national monument and the Royal Quinta de Caxias.

Today, Oeiras is a modern, attractive and dynamic municipality that guides or confronts the main indicators of the country's development, in terms of employment, education, and research.

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