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Darsena di Arona - Landing port for small boats on Lake Maggiore

Sheltered by soem natural rocks and equipped with some cement landing ramps, Darsena di Arona is a safe landing port where to dock.

It offers 200 berths for boats up to 7 m. Also known as "Il Porto" (The Harbour), the facility is a part of the third lot of works for the construction of some landing ports at the lakefront.

At the gates of Arona, in about the late '60s, the old port was built as a boat storage area for yachtsmen sailing on Lake Maggiore.

At night, the entrance of the port is indicated by a red light.

Entering the port is quite difficult since it is in a serious state of degradation.

In the lakefront of Arona there are mooring ropes for about 50-60 boats.

The city fo Arona is a tourist-tertiary centre on the shores of Lake Maggiore.