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Molise: Port of Termoli

Termoli is an important historic city founded around an ancient fishing village.

Situated along the Adriatic Coast, the harbour of Termoli is a fishing and tourist port for recreational boating.

It's one among the few harbours in Molise. In particular, it is made up of:

  1. The northern dock of the port: this is the inner breakwater which hosts the famous shipyards of Termoli. About 1,200 metres long, it includes four different wings equipped with a quay in the innermost side and a smaller  dock (90x 40 m) called "Molo Martello", indicated by a green light

  2. The quay located between the wing and the southern dock consists of two different areas. 

    • One is reserved for Coastal Guards and Financial Police's boats 

    • The other is reserved for passenger ships sailing to Tremiti Islands.


  3. The southern dock of the port: managed by "Marina di San Pietro", it's a small marina, partially equipped with quays. A wooden 70-metre pier has been recently added together with two other jetties.

  4. The south-eastern dock of the port: this area is reserved for transiting fishing boats and decommissioned ships.  

Sea bottoms, berths and nautical services

The port offers over 40 berths for boats up to 20 m.

In the outer port, sea bottoms are 5 metres deep and the marina is accessible only by boats up to 30 m.

The structure offers a boat storage area, engine repairs, electric repairs and technical assistance for fiberglass, steel or wooden hulls.

VHF channels: 9-16

Marina di San Pietro - Tourist Port of Termoli

The marina is managed by the Marinucci Yachting Club s.r.l society.
Situated next to the southenr dock of the harbour of Termoli, below the bastions of the historic centre, it's a perfect nautical base for all yachtsmen who want to sail to the most beautiful destinations in the Adriatic Sea, such as Tremiti Islands, Vis (Croatia), Gargano Promontory and Lastovo.

Open during all the year, the marina, equipped with 2 quays and 4 piers. can receive up to 300 boats ranging from 8 to 30 metres.

Yachtsmen can also enjoy repairs and technical assistance for wooden, fiberglass and steel hulls.

VHF Channel: 13

Orizzontetermoli - Tourist port of Termoli