Port Of Senigallia 

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Tourist ports in the Marche region

That of Senigallia is a well-sheltered municipal tourist port, situated on the left of the Misa River mouth.

Facing the Adriatic Sea, the port is an excellent reference point for tourism, yachting and commercial fishing.

It is composed by an outer port, an inner breakwater and three dry docks linked to each other by some small channels.

  1. Tourist Dry Dock: equipped with 4 piers, this area is reserved for yachtsmen

  2. Nino Bixio Dock: reserved for fishing boats

  3. Dry Dock, reserved for both recreational and fishing boats

The Misa Channel is accessible through the river's mouth, linked to the sea by the inner breakwater and the eastern dock.

However, the channel can't be used to enter the inner dry docks of the harbour.

Additional information about the port

  • Quays

  • Pedestrian swing bridge over the channel

  • Please keep a 30-metre distance from the green light and a 20-metre one from the red light while entering or going out the port

  • In the outer port, please keep a 10-metre distance from the quays

  • VHF CHANNEL 11: Tourist Dry Dock

  • VHF CHANNEL 16: Port Authority, from 08:00 to 20:00